Verbal Abuse

Far too many people have to deal with abuse of some sort within the marriage arrangement.  It can either be a matter of a husband abusing a wife or a wife abusing a husband. It may even be between the parents and their children.  Of all of the different types of abuse that are dealt with within the marriage, however, verbal abuse is probably one of the most common.  That doesn’t mean that it is easy to deal with or that it does not leave scars, the same as any other type of abuse.  Here are some interesting facts about verbal abuse that you may not have realized.

Did you ever notice that whenever you are verbally abused, the individual giving you the abuse seems to be fine right after it is over? The reason that this is often the case is because the verbal abuser uses his language and attacks in order to gain control over you and the situation.  Whenever you either backed down or they feel as if they have won the argument they basically feel as if they are in total control of the situation.  As far as they are concerned, the marriage or relationship is exactly as it should be at this point.

It is also a very common thing for men to verbally abuse their wives soon after they take their marriage vows.  Of course, there are also times whenever women may be verbally abusive but percentagewise, we can safely talk about males in this particular situation.  They may have acted like perfect gentlemen all throughout the engagement and initial courtship and then end up turning verbally abusive right after you say I do.  They are basically trying to assert them selves of the relationship and to establish their dominance.  Unfortunately, this type of behavior often lasts well into marriage and may never stop.

Another thing that you may need to deal with as far as verbal abuse goes are the emotional scars that it leaves on you.  Many times, somebody that is verbally abused will feel as if they are of little worth or have to deal with depression for a very long time, even if the abuses taken out of the situation.  If you feel that you are having to deal with this type of a situation, it is best if you seek some counseling in order to try and get through it.

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13 comments on “Verbal Abuse

  1. How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  2. Thank you for the verbal abuse article. I am finally ready to leave my verbally abusive husband but feel so alone since unknowing others are easily charmed by him. I realized it had to end when he turned the tables by saying I was verbally abusive to him when I told him our 13 year old daughter could not travel alone to Ireland and stay with her friend and uncle we had never met.

    I am somewhat worried that his rages will return in the divorce process but I still move forward. I know he is trashing me behind my back to the few members of his family who will listen.

    Thanks for reminding me I am not crazy.

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